The Evangelism Ministry provides a hearing of the gospel to people from every setting within our sphere of influence.  Our focus is to spread the message of love to the "not-yet-members" of the body of Christ.

*Note:  Ministries are  under development.

Ministry Leader:  Elder Andre McKnight

Associated Ministries

Evangelism Teams*

This ministry members will work in teams of 3 or more disciples who actively witness in various community arenas.

Prison Ministry*

The prison ministry purpose is to provide evangelism, teaching, and service in the prison environment.

Discipleship Ministry*

The Discipleship Ministry is a teaching and mentoring ministry which provides foundational/doctrinal teaching and mentoring to new members/families to ensure relationship development with Jesus Christ (including prayer, answering questions, biblical guidance on life's issues).

Missions Ministry*

 The Mission Ministry include evangelism, service and teaching in cross-cultural/geographical environment.  This ministry will develop mission trips and provide training for visitation to cross-cultural environments.