Celebrative Arts

The Celebrative Arts Ministry employs the use of the creative gifts of God to celebrate, instruct, and encourage within the context of worship.  This ministry inspires the yielding of the entire vessel to glorify God.

Ministry Leader:  Doris Works

Associated Ministries

Several targeted music ministries are developed for the specific group of ministry represented in each choir.  The target is to keep the ministry of music alive as it has ministered through the years and be flexible to accommodate the contemporary sounds that are ministering to the needs of each new population of people God loves.

Voices of Deliverance

Contemporary Choir

Jubilee Choir

YVP (Young Voices in Praise)

Men’s Choir

Women of Worship (Women’s Day Choir)

The Creative Arts Ministry provides the opportunity to use the whole expression of the person to be actively engaged in the worship service.  To “let everything that has breath” praise the LORD is the mission of this ministry.  Contemporary Worship utilizes the art of the dance and performance ministry to convey messages along side of the power of the preached and taught Word of God.

Creative Arts Ministry

Drama Ministry*

Hi-Praise Steppers*

Liturgical Dance Ministry*

Mime Team*

Note*: These Ministries are individual components of our Creative Arts Ministry